Johnny Carson & Carnac the Magnificent Impersonator

“Your impersonation of Johnny Carson was simply remarkable and the Carnac skit was hysterical.”
        - Marty Lieberman
        - Los Angeles Times

“You were a tremendous hit in your role of Johnny Carson.  Our entire 800-member group continued to talk about how enjoyable the show was, as well as your ability to impersonate Johnny’s looks and talk.  You are a true professional in every way”

        - Valvoline
        - Martin A. Kish
        - Vice President
        - Public Affairs

“The program was a terrific success.  Your impersonation made our audience of 3,000 sales associates feel as if they were in Burbank rather than Grand Rapids!  Your ability to handle the likes of Miss America, Gayle Sayers, and Bart Connor is a credit to your onstage improv skills.  I think even the guests thought they were part of the ‘real’ late night talk show."

        - Meijer, Inc.
        - Marianne Napoli
        - Media Coordinator

“Many Motorolans commented to  me regarding how much you looked, talked and acted like Johnny! I also personally appreciated your appropriate use of humor related to Motorola as well as the nice job you did introducing the entertainment acts.”

        - Motorola
        - Tom Gilham
        - Manager SPS Recruitment

“Your Johnny Carson show at Continental in Chicago was a super success!  Numerous sales personnel as well as management made positive comments about how much fun the meeting was.  Distributor sales meetings are generally long and boring to the sales force.  Doing something different and having fun while you do it makes a big difference.”

        - Palace Brands Company
        - Thomas Steiner
        - Vice President, Sales

“Jim is a dead ringer for Johnny in looks, mannerisms, voice and style.  Jim engaged the audience, incorporating interviews…along with a stunning Carnac segment.  The Governor had a ball and the event will be remembered for years to come.”

        - Marisa Francis
        - Pennsylvania Economic
        - Development Association

“Your candid impression of ‘Johnny Carson’ was both inspirational and motivating.  The positive comments that we have received from the sales force reflect on a meeting that stands head and shoulders above the norm.  This unique approach was not only successful, but also left a long-lasting impression on all of us.”

        - Heublein Fine Wine Group
        - Brad F. Coughlin
        - District Manager
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